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We teach our children using the highly rated Creative Curriculum®. This research-based curriculum supports the development of the whole child. It balances both teacher-directed and child-initiated learning, with an emphasis on responding to children's learning styles and building on their strengths and interests.

​"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"
– Nelson Mandela
Infant plays on the floor

​Infant Class

Our infant room accepts babies as young as 6 weeks old.  We provide formula, stage 1 & 2 jar baby food, oatmeal & rice cereal, and table food when your baby is ready.  You will receive a daily chart at the end of the day keeping you updated with feedings, changes, sleep times and milestones. Each child is assigned a primary caregiver with whom they can form a close bond to begin learning and exploring the world around them. Our infant staff is sensitive to your concerns and the needs of your baby.   

Infant Daycare
Toddlers play with whipped cream

Toddler Class


Our toddlers are energetic and desire their independence.  Our toddler teachers plan age-appropriate activities that are meaningful and give plenty of opportunity to socialize, exercise and have fun. The teachers work from a set schedule each day that offers both playtime and learning time.  Teaching involves daily object recognition, sensory stimulation, singing songs and socialization that will help improve their coordination and increase verbal skills.

Toddler Daycare
2-year-olds look at number chart

Twos Class


The 2-year-old classroom provides an environment fit for their energy so that they can discover and take an interest in the world around them. The teachers provide guidance to explore academically with age-appropriate activities, circle time, outdoor play and art projects. Our teachers implement a wide range of developmental skills in basic hand-eye coordination, motor skills, letter and number identification, nursery rhymes/sing-a-longs/  speech, and counting. The 2-year-olds also learn social and emotional skills such as table manners, sharing, kindness, and basic safety skills. Each 2-year-old will be encouraged to start potty training when ready.

3-year-old rides balance bike

Threes Class


Our class of 3-year-olds is designed to teach our students a number of academic abilities that will prepare them for the upcoming transition to Pre-K with fun and exciting activities. Our teacher will provide students with a remarkable curriculum wrapped inside a structured daily schedule for students. The class focus is on teaching phonics, hands-on math, small and large group activities, learning centers and outdoor play. Each child will be encouraged to share, start learning responsibility,  table manners, accepting classroom structure and the ability to focus on one full activity for incremented time periods.

4-year-olds feel the back of a turtle toy

Fours Class


Our 4-year-olds focus on learning independence and self-esteem. This is a magical time for the class as they have hands-on learning while working on their communication skills. Each student will also work on problem-solving skills while creating a love of lifelong learning. The students will explore, investigate and discover the word around them as they expand their skills and knowledge.

Pre-K girl plays with blocks

Pre-K Class


Our Pre-K class classroom setting incorporates all the learning tools a child requires to prepare them for kindergarten. Using hands-on activities, role playing, circle time settings and independent center utilization, each student leaves their class at the end of the year fully prepared for the one ahead of them. The Pre-K program is designed to get them ready by teaching letters and words, math concepts, science, and valuable social and language skills. Each student is encouraged to be creative and to share their thoughts, ideas and feelings with the group. Our teachers also help the class with problem solving skills, recognizing emotions and cooperating with others.

Pre-K Program
School-age summer camper pose together

School-Age Class


​Before- and After-School Care  |  Summer Camp

Our goal at Just for Kids is to offer our school-age students a fun, relaxing environment that still provides a uniformed schedule.  Age-appropriate activities such as arts and crafts, cooking, music, outdoor play, group projects, and time to do homework are offered. For your convenience, transportation is offered to area schools. Area schools that we service are Brookwood Elementary, Rosemont Elementary, Holland Elementary, Lynnhaven Elementary, Green Run Elementary, Windsor Oaks Elementary, and Windsor Woods Elementary.  During the summer, we offer an engaging day camp with lots of exciting field trips and fun activities at the center.

Before-After School Care
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