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About Us

Just for Kids was established in 2007 and is privately owned with the intent and purpose to provide a warm, loving, stimulating environment, while assuring that the environment encourages confidence, independence, and security for each child, as well as respect and concern for others.

Parents can feel confident that their child is in a loving and nurturing environment and that their child will be provided with a safe and positive learning experience.

What we believe


We believe that learning can be fun and should be an experience of happiness. We recognize that each child is a unique individual  and should be treated with respect and that each child should be treated as an important member of their classroom.

We believe in a structured learning environment giving each child the opportunity to use their five senses to understand the world around them.

We believe the thoughts of each child are important and encourage each child to express their thoughts. They are also taught how to express these thoughts and the process of problem solving and thinking through situations.

We believe your child needs to feel good about her/his self. A healthy self-image comes from positive experiences , like being praised.

We take your child's health and safety seriously, and have put many precautions into place to prevent the spread of illness.
USDA Approved!

Your child's home away from home!

Boys building with Duplo blocks

You won't find a more loving, family-like environment than Just for Kids. Your child and their classmates will receive the social-emotional support and guidance they need to grow into responsible, productive citizens.

We take pride in the work we do and cherish each and every minute watching your children grow.
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